I am Bailey! But you can call me Bay.

I am an average down to earth lover chasing a life full of beauty.Thank you for being here! 

So for those who do not know me, I am a craver of the deep so to speak. I most importantly go by wife & muma-

I carry these titles with extreme pride. Constantly trying to go above and beyond and be better than I was yesterday. 

Naturally I am a people pleaser so I thrive on doing things for others. 


I reference myself as a "Jesus Junky". I crave him.  But in a way that is different than what you expect when you hear people say they are christian. I have a relationship with him that is honest, real and full of mess. I am a sinner and I do not hide behind my faults.

If I had to explain myself I am divided into two personalities.  I am in love the simple lifestyle! Where minimalism meets free spirit. 

I am happy in a dress at home, while my babies run barefoot cooking for hours. Waiting for friends and family to come. 

Food and fellowship are two of my favorite things.

The other half of me is a go-getter. Dream chaser if you will.

Dressed in black head to toe. On the hunt to transform my everyday life.

Enjoying the more exceptional things in life.

So I struggle with balance every week. 

Although, I have learned having two personalities is also a blessing for it creates a natural form of moderation in my everyday lifestyle. 

I am a mama of three in my arms and three in heaven.

I hold a special place in my heart for the loss of miscarriages. 

Our family lives on top of a hill surrounded by fencing our 22 acres is our safe space.

We hide out here and enjoy our beautiful life together loving those who knock on our door.

I am trying to learn and apply a more natural lifestyle for my family every day. 

I believe food is truly medicine to the human body and mind.

I enjoy about eight cups of coffee a day and swiping my kids with essential oils when they're not looking. 

Oh did I mention I love strangers? Let's be friends. 

Jesus Junky For Life..

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