What Cancer Gave Our Family

I guess I start from the beginning and say, there are many things cancer changes.

Many things it makes you say.

Many things it makes you do.

Many things I wish I would have realized years ago.

We planned a beach vacation. The only week out of the whole year where we all could be together. We planned on heading south but we shortly realized dad's lungs couldn't handle extreme heat. So we headed to a lake house where we realized it doesn't matter about the location when all we need is each other.

I feel as if our family is a dying breed, to be honest. My parents raised us with the belief that all we need is each other. They fought for their marriage for the sake of their children. They taught us you keep your faith first, respect your parents and you love people wholeheartedly. You keep it real, and never apologize for who you are. You stay humble, admit you're not perfect as we sin daily. But you wake up every day asking for forgiveness. Thanking God for his grace that we sometimes do not deserve.

It is a real gift the morals and values they passed down in our family.

When we say we are close, I mean close. We do not go a few days without being with each other and a day does not go by where we face time 5+ times a day. We barely fight. We really are the best of friends. So when a test result showed the familiar word were all so sick of hearing in the twentieth century, I was angry. It was a shock, and it is a pain no one is ever ready for. Especially when it is the captain of the ship.

The one that creates all of the laughter.

The one that fixes everything that breaks.

The protector of our family.

The core, our papa, the love of her life, their hero.

Cancer is the absolute devil. No one deserves to be sick. No one should have to decide between treatments or living out the rest. No one deserves to be given an estimated lifespan. No one at all. We are very grateful for the test results that came back this summer. We are hopeful this August will be the same. But for now, we will not worry but live out each day as if it were our last.

What I learned on our first family vacation this summer is this:

Cancer interrupts anxiety with gratitude and this is what it gave us.

Cancer gave us a better attitude.

Cancer gave us an appreciation of life.

Cancer gave us more extended hugs.

Cancer gave us the desire not to have our phones anywhere near us.

Cancer gave us the love of not being on social media While were together.

Cancer gave us a joy of doing a puzzle together till one in the morning.

Cancer gave us happy tears.

Cancer gave us an abundance of gratitude for doing or saying nothing in the same room.

Cancer gave us unforgettable memories.

Cancer gave us a more significant reason to live.

Cancer gave us a love that can not be put into words.

Cancer gave us longer meals around a dinner table.

Cancer gave us this feeling to not leave the house even though we planned dinners out.

Cancer gave us a new meaning.

Cancer gave us life.

with gratitude, B.

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