Go for the lifestyle pictures not the posed!

Our first thought every year is to get the Christmas card photos!

I have failed to do Christmas card photos for two years in a row now because, well... I am the one ensuring everyone else gets edited that I run out of time to do my own.

But, I do have all of the messy photos of my children living.

Day after day.

And these mean more to me than anyone of my staged family photos we have taken.

A genuine smile, embraced by real emotional movement.

I absolutely love in-home sessions. Or sessions that bring any kind of meaning. I love when families want to be captured on their properties instead of my own. It holds memories and I love to capture that.

What some people think of when I say "in home session" is their home has to have some over saturated, Pinterest inspired feel to their home to have these kinds of photos. (SO NOT TRUE).

What I wish more people would realize is that these photos hold a significance unlike like the staged family card at a local park with good leaves.

So what if your home isnt where you want it yet. That is not the point of being captured in your everyday environment. The point is when you look back at these photos to remember where you were in this stage.

Whether it be,

your childhood home...

where you brought your first born home...

the acreage your kids ran free...

your absolute dream home...

the place he proposed...

your grandparent's farm where roots were created...

the place you fell in love...

a park that your kids are most alive at...

Don't ever dismiss how beautiful a chaotic life can be.

And how important TRUE, emotional content is.

A simple staged portrait is great don't get me wrong.

But family portraits filled with authentic personalities will last a lifetime. Imagine tucking them away and pulling them out in 50 years to show your children's, children how beautiful life really was.

Warmly, Bay XO

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