Choose The Small Circle

When I was growing up, (currently still am) it seemed as if you needed to be friends with everyone.

Almost as if, you had to fit in with all types to be something.

That is the farthest thing from the truth.

If I only knew then what I did now is that popularity is overrated.

I hope to instill in my children that putting in your time in energy into a few good people will save you an abundance of emotional obstacles in the long run. Instead of trying to please multiple people have you ever thought about taking half of that energy and investing to only a few that mean something?

There's a vast difference in being LIKED and being VALUED.

Choose to be valued.

Likes bring nothing.

If you don't believe me, ask yourself self what we have learned from our twentieth-century social apps.

Choosing likes over being present in our everyday existence has brought what?

A fleeting, valueless, notification that views to be a heart symbol of love?

Choose to be present.

Choose life.

If this message needs to get to anyone it needs to be the young girls.

Love everyone, but do not feel like you have to pour yourself out only to fit in a box of stereotypes that the world pushes upon us.

Stereotypes? Throw them out.

Negative people? Throw them out.

Choose the small circle.

Choose love, honesty, and loyalty.

Forget comparison, gossip and keeping up with trends.

Be what you want. Create your circle.

Invest in those who matter. Whether its one person or three. Value, cherish and bless those people.

No one has ever been created to be like you.

So please, do not limit or stretch yourself just to fit in with a trend.

That is the thing about trends... they die.

And eventually, our society searches for the next great thing.

When the truth is told, we do not realize that the next great thing is ourselves.

It is kind.

It is joy.

A simple joy.

That is the only thing that will pull you through.

Find your circle, doing something for someone and live.

With gratitude, Bay.

Photo by: Ashtyn Brooke.

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