How I Seize The Day

Lets talk mornings and of course TIME MANAGEMENT..

So before we get to the morning... I challenge you this.

The night before, no phone near your bed.

Plug it in across the room or on a dresser and grab a book.

No TV.

Or if you have a loved one next to you lay there and talk to each other.

No distractions. Lights off.

A good nights rest is essential to wake up efficiently!

To give me a boost to help me sleep, I put Lavender essential oil on the back of my neck and "Serenity" by Doterra on the bottom of my feet.

Few HUGE Tips: #1 Get off social media, track your time spent, prep for tomorrow, be active, learn to say no, tidy your workspace or create one. The simplest of things can go such a long way.

1. Old School Alarm Clock (Spoiler: IT HAS TO BE ACROSS THE ROOM!)

[Invest in an old-school alarm clock. Or if you want to use your phone alarm it can NOT be under your pillow or on your nightstand. If that is your only place to plug it in, then it needs to be out of arms reach! No opportunities to hit snooze. You MUST choose to say to yourself I am going to conquer the day so prepare your mind! And force yourself to roll out of bed even if you hit the floor.. ROLL.

2. Get in the shower or Wash your face in *cold water*, yes cold.

[I suggest throwing yourself immediately in the shower, I sometimes will switch it to a cooler temperature and let it run over my hair and face]

3. Create a minimum 10 Min. routine of some sort.

If you have a super hard time waking up do multiple songs and stretches.

(stretching, music, workout, etc.)

[For example, I will put in my headphones and listen to an upbeat song, and deeply stretch, or do some flow with yoga that makes my body feel that it is not laying down]. Then,

4. Speak Affirmations. I am not joking.

[When you speak something out loud as you hear it your mind digests this and believes it. This is why we HAVE to be careful of what comes off of our tongue. So.. speak truth]. Get your mind right. It is even more important than your workout routine. Mind... then body & soul.

Some examples:

I am stronger than I know.

I am worthy of everything good.

I am a doer and will take action day.

I am unstoppable.

I am going to create change.

I am strong, and I stand for myself.

I am choosing happiness.

I am full of life.

I am the architect of my life.

I have forgiven all those who have done wrong to me.

I am enough.

5. Get Ready 100%, and this goes for stay at home mamas!

[Why is my makeup done every day? Because I feel like I can conquer the world when I am all put together! At any given time I can run out the door and do whatever I am needed to do. I stay home with my babies all day and work from my computer, so I could easily stay in my pajamas not shower for six days if I wanted to. But, if I did, I wouldn't get as much done or go after things. Plus, I want to look put together when my husband comes home every day because I am madly in love with him and we still act like were sixteen LOL].

6. Make the lists (To-do's, weekly meals, monthly income goals, etc.).

[Be realistic but push your self to get more done than you expected. Write all that you need to do and access your list.

7. Put your Shoes, even if you are not going anywhere.

If you don't want to wear shoes in your house, then wear new ones lol! It is a mind trick.. my grammy always wore her tennis shoes inside.


I promise you if you're sleeping somewhat of a regular schedule (7+ hours), your body will adapt to this. Try this for 30 days and before you know it your body will be scheduled to get up either on its own or so much easier!

I wasn't always a morning person, but I have trained myself to automatically get up at 5 AM when I get the sleep I need. Even with nursing a child throughout the night.

Here is an example of my day! Following a timeline throughout the day from time to time can help me stay on task. This is just what works for me; everyone is different! As well as, every day is incompatible with what days I clean my house, car, meet with friends, etc.

To give you an idea if you're a stay at home mama, this is a typical day for me at home with the kids!

5:00-WAKE UP

Coffee Poured Strong. Then ice water.

5:15- Pack husbands lunch

5:30- Me time before kids wake, meditate. Some quiet time

6:00-Montgomery wakes up, turn cartoons on. Stretching/Flow of yoga

6:30-Kids eat Breakfast (during this time I clean the kitchen/living room and prep my lists for the day)

7:00-Emails/Write Blog

7:30-Shower/Makeup/Get dressed (I do my makeup under 15 mins)

8:00-Edit for an hour

9:00- Breakfast/ visit my dad.

10:00-Play with monte/snack time


12:30-Lunch for kids

1:00-Play time outside for monte (I will pull weeds, pick up, etc.)

1:30-Nap time (This doesn't happen for the oldest every day, but we try! lol)

WORK. Edit. Edit. Website. Emails. Galleries. WORK.

2:35-Another coffee. (can't help it)

3:00-Clean House

4:30-Prep Dinner

5:00-Time with babies/Take Break

5:40-Kids to my parents

6:00-Photo Shoot

7:00-Pick up Kids/Release babysitter

7:00-Husband gets home/Dinner

We sit at the table or on the couch together for at least an hour just talk and chill. NO PHONES-

8:30-Showers for all

9:00-Prep husbands work clothes, prep desk, clean off counters, final touches.

9:30-Bath & Wine (insert sunglasses emoji here).


This isn't every day! All days change. But this is something I would follow!

Give yourself grace.

Do not forget self-care is enormous.

Prioritize what is most important.

Most days I have to follow a schedule because, to be honest, if I do not, I am not my best. Whether that be with motherhood and sitting at my desk for 9 hours. Or forgetting about everything I wanted to do for myself.


You're capable of more than you think!

Pat yourself on the back and do what works best for you and your family.

Hope this helps one of you out there!

With love and support, Bay.

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