Strong Willed Means Stronger Mamas

He is as strong-willed as they come.

Just imagine me sprinting down the sidewalk on a busy street while chasing him in flip-flops with the car seat on my arm. Yelling at him to stop, you're going to get hurt, you're going to be in big trouble. Basically, anything to ensure he doesn't cross the street in traffic. (Spoiler alert: he did, then he looked back and smiled). Fast forward he has his punishment, I express why we can't do that etc. Thirty minutes later he is doing exactly the opposite of what I am saying so I ask him, "do you want to go into the corner" his response, YEP.

Y'all mama's are tired. I am beyond.

Let me say this if a child is throwing a screaming fit in public.

Please do not let the first thing come across your head be that;

-That child is bad.

Some children make bad choices but never does that mean that the child is a bad kid. As adults, we are here to guide and love them. Not judge or label.

-That mother does not discipline.

You do not know how much that mother actually disciplines on a daily basis. If their child is anything like my first born nothing phases them when it comes to discipline. Their strong will is unbreakable but tameable.

-Why doesn't she do something about it when he is throwing an irrational fit? or If that was my kid I would..etc.

My child does things to receive attention and bad attention is still attention. I used to grab him up and explain to him that we do not throw fits, especially in public (because I was embarrassed).

There are times where I tell him, I am sorry you feel this way. Let me know when you're done with your fit and we can talk about.

(this sends him through the roof). But it works for us, and him.

Forget the people that judge. If you need to let your kid get it out let them and know you're a great mother. You're doing your best every day and that is more than enough.

Not every parent has a strong-willed child. Some children never talk back, always listen. Which is incredible.

That does not always mean their parenting tactics are better than yours. Every baby is different and every one of them should deserve love, guidance, and understanding.

Whether they make good choices or not so good.

My point of writing this was to express one thing, to show love to mothers.

Stop judging each other if you are a mama. We all are doing our best.

If you see her struggling at the store, restaurant, park anywhere.

Ask her if she needs help, tell her she is doing great.

I can tell you I do this at least once a week somewhere. Because I know that fight so well that they're fighting. I have helped a woman put her two-year-old in the car because he was trying to run from her while she had a baby on her hip. It is little help that makes this world become a better place.

The older my son is getting the louder the fits, the longer the arguments and his persistence is.. solid to say the least.

But, I know with his heart, determination and strong will when he becomes a man he is going to move mountains.

Do not let these discouraging days define their future.

I am no parenting expert.

In fact, I balled all day yesterday because of how he acted and how terrible I responded. But I can say I am trying my best to love and guide him and that is more than enough.

Every day is made new. I run to my Bible and get on my knees when my patience is thinning.

Help a mama when she needs it and save your judgment because no one asked for it.

xoxo- Bailey

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