Seed and Sparrow

You know those families that you're around for ten minutes and immediately feel blessed? They're the best kind of people.

I had the privilege of spending my evenings with one of those families this week. I fell in love with everything going on that night that I just kept indulging instead of watching the clock and focusing on my task.

The Trowbridge family-

Focusing on what life has to offer.

Enjoying each others presence and love rather than things.

Indulging in simplistic treasures together.

Their home is filled with intentional belongings that have been handed down through generations. With the most tender spirits and highest form of hospitality. You could never walk away from this family without feeling a significant amount of great joy and admiration.

They're the true example of love.

Mama bear, Allison has always had a dream. It was pure, organic and ultimately therapeutic! It was to grow plants and own a small flower shop with her family by her side. It was then a goal of her husband's to make these dreams come to life. Traveling in their vintage car enjoying the beauty life has to offer with this new endeavor! Watch their new business blossom as they bless others with their kind spirits.

"Seed & Sparrow is the marriage of Adam’s appreciation and knowledge of all things botanical, floral and found-in-our-grandparents’-era with my quiet adoration of the simple, natural and holistic.

Our traveling plant shop was founded on the hope that we could do something we love and travel the state (and beyond!) with our children, Luca and Adele."

-Allison Trowbridge

This family session will forever be one of my favorite sessions! Between being welcomed into their home, capturing their growing plants and family. As well as, enjoying a ride with them on the outskirts of town. Life doesn't get any better!

Keep an eye out for them at your local events in central Ohio.

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