The Palmer Crew

So typically I do not blog family sessions, but this one is different. It is hands down one of my favorite sessions I have ever done. Why? Well because the people are incredible and this particular space is a dream. The atmosphere was something so significant I could not even try to describe it. It was radiant, tender, fierce surrounded by rays of sunlight.

The imagery in this capture is significant because of two things. One family that loves without hesitation, boundaries or reasoning and a space that could magnify their love that much more. The simplicity of who they are is so evident in every image. What more could you ask for?

Accompanied by peeling walls, illuminating dust, wrapped in beams of light. Something you can not create on your own. These people came into my life within this last year and had left nothing but an appreciation for their loyalty and love. Families like this are hard to come by and not only do I get the privilege to call them my clients but also, my people. People I cherish more than words on a blog could ever explain.

All of my love and blessings, Bailey Williams.

Awakening Photos

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