Thank You isn't Enough

Well where do I start on this. First off I can’t even fathom that this is my life.. I can not believe the journey a girl can walk down before she turns into her true identity. How far she can succeed in NON materialistic things (inner body) and continually grows.

This blog is not gonna be your typical photo blog of my clients or inspiration that is rooted from my bible. But rather a special thank you I will never get to repay to all the people who didn’t give up on me or my heart. If you don’t know the extent of my everyday living or my heart just understand this. The only word I can use to describe my PAST self miserably longing to fill a void. I have tried to be every person I am not and in the midst of that, there were many trials, hurtful words and an extremely dark cloud above me that I was settling with. I have always been a fighter but never for myself. Always in defense for all the wrong reasons. But this year I can say that I have claimed victory. Over my soul, mind, and heart and now running a business. All of my surroundings that contribute to my living are that much clearer. So what is the point of this post?

If you are reading this and, you have invested in my business, supported my visions, given me affirmation of love, and continually wished me nothing but the best in what is yet to come. I THANK YOU. I will never tell you enough how much I thank you.

My first thanks goes to my king: For your grace has never been so present and pure in anything like it has in my life. I continually sin, and your love pours over me at all costs. I will never be able to do anything to repay this but be your hands and feet. And ultimately lead people to your kingdom. For nothing will fill the void, unless it is you. This is his gift, not mine. I am merely the pencil in his everyday hand by the click of a camera button.

To the people who have recognized: The more places I go, the more people stop me and ask me if I am 4894BaileyLn. it is such a surreal feeling. Knowing my artwork, the beauty of others is being recognized. To the eye doctor, the girl in the grocery, department store, and coffee shops. I thank you for making my entire month. Not for knowing who I am but for seeing the beauty of others love and smiles instead of a typical selfie (not that these are wrong). Others’ love, family members and smiles they share should be focused on more than our own pictures we take of our selves. By celebrating others I have found more joy than ever before. So thank you!

To the ones who send affirmation: The people I have not had the privilege of shooting, but continue to message me through social media giving affirmation and support of my art, style, and gift. I have felt each and every word you send. I most of the times start to cry and come back to the fact that this is my reality. Just when I thought I didn’t know who I was, I was given your support to confirm all doubts I have had. I have never experienced such peace about who or what I am supposed to be until now. Thank you for all the reassuring words.

To my clients and family: whether I have had the privilege of shooting you once or multiple times. I cherish you. I appreciate you and I will forever thank you. You humble me, by taking a leap with a girl that has been a vulnerable train wreck. And for supporting me and knowing the value of my work. I thank, for allowing me to stay home with the most amazing blessing God has ever given me, my son. For investing into my business through every season. I am blown away by the love I have received from people endlessly giving support that I necessarily do not deserve. But please hear me when I say, I do not just want your money and to hand you your photos. I want to care for you for who you are and tell you I appreciate all that you have given to my business. Because this business is not a money maker. But it is merely my sanity, my story and most importantly it is where I found breakthrough from all things evil including my own mind. This is not a business it is really my legacy and where I ultimately climbed out of the pit I was in. It may seem bizarre or extreme, and that’s ok. Because I have never been more in love with the artist that resides within and what God has done with a gift I never knew I had. And for the ones that continue to come back after engagements, weddings, babies born and much more, I treasure you. I consider you friends and family for the relationship we have created by allowing me to witness every journey you or your family is on. I am just so blessed by each of you.

The friends who have helped me more than I deserve: My confidants, my sisters in Christ and my lifelong treasures. Whether you have helped me with a wedding, being a model when I have an inspiration or supported me in general you will always hold a place in my heart. I will never thank you for your endless support and love that you have poured into my soul. I vow to always honor our friendships and push you with whatever journey you are on. Your friendship is something I adore and admire like nothing else. You know who you are if you are reading this because the love I have for you will never burn out, thank you for walking with me in this!

Most importantly to my husband: You. You are my WHY. Your support, and encouragement has been nothing like I have ever seen before. You had full faith nine months ago when I asked you if I could purchase a camera. You always believe in me no matter if its accomplishing house work or now building this! You’ve always been an incredible husband and the greatest father. But you have blown me away with the abundance of love while creating this business. From the everyday marriage struggles, all the miscarriages, my overly emotional self you have always stepped back and said let’s take care of you before you keep building this business. You always bring me back to common ground. You are my number one fan, and no one could take your place in this. Weekly telling me, “how proud I am of you”. Neither of us saw this coming, but I couldn’t have imagined you not being here to witness this. You loved me just as much or more in my darkest days than you do in the brightest. I can not wait to see where our life takes us. But know this, if I had absolutely nothing on my back but a shirt and our baby I would be the happiest woman that ever lived. Thank you.

I don’t care how many photoshoots or weddings I shoot or book or where I go. I will continue to thank every person for just breathing life into me, and fighting for the woman God intends me to be and now entrepreneur. I continually pray to be humbled by each and every client no matter what shoot it is. I am so honored that people choose me when there are hundreds, thousands of amazing photographers. Thank you for believing and investing into me, my art and my family.. we all thank you!

With all of my love and extreme emotions, I thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to Ashtyn Brook Photo for creating this shoot to celebrate life itself and the happiness that now lives within since I have became a photographer.

Bailey Williams


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