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He tried to talk to her in high school but he never would get the courage to talk to her face to face. You know that thing called, “God’s timing”. Thought so. Well, this is exactly one of those stories. After finding themselves at the same party after a truck pull. Josh finally made the move on his soon forever girl. They spent four hours in the rain that night outside by themselves talking. It only took six years, but he finally got the courage and I am guessing he hasn’t regretted making that move. But their love story was just beginning.. (trust me you’re gonna want to read through this one, the man did good).

I have been so blessed by capturing their maternity photos last year along with baby Hadlee’s newborn pictures and now their first family session. This is what I love about spending quality time with people, they went from people I knew to clients and then family. I have got to watch their love grow first hand from Tessa carrying life to their newborn baby girl and now a growing family. Tessa and I have been in contact back in forth raving about sweet Hadlee’s outfit. It is to die for obviously. I was more than excited for their shoot but let me just say it got a whole lot more exciting on my end and theirs.

Little did I know this family session was about to take turn in the best way possible. I mean you guys this is a photographers dream, and girlfriends in Tessa’s eyes! I received a text from Josh at 5:30 AM. Of course trying to get my blood shot mom tired eyes open I started to read his text aloud to myself. Within seconds I was sitting straight up in my bed yelling his text message out loud. Ok I lied, screaming his text aloud.

Josh: “I have this ring, and I can’t keep it a secret any longer. Can I propose during our family session? So that Tessa can have these pictures.”

OK STOP. ***obnoxious screaming and twenty “oh my gosh’s”***

Poor guy, I responded in all caps with too many exclamation points, but I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

At this point I was freaking out I was so excited trying to pull my thoughts together. We went back and forth with options on how to do this. How to get the ring in my camera bag because he obviously couldn’t keep it in his pocket. Most importantly, how he was gonna get the ring in the moment without her knowing what was about to happen.

So the day comes, it was so beautiful you could tell they were so excited to get their pictures done. Their baby girl was extra happy, Tessa was glowing and well Josh and I.. we were sweating! Keep in mind through this whole process I was sweating through my clothes thinking if I go and blow this no one is going to hire me and our friendship that has grown is, toast. But it was time to capture this beautiful family! So we did just that.

So I kept explaining to Tess how beautiful this place was, it just felt so magical! As soon as we got there I took Tessa away and “left my camera bag by the car that had the rest of the lens in it“. As we started walking up the property I yelled towards the car, ” Josh do you mind grabbing my bag sorry I forgot it”. God love Tessa, she had no idea and said, “yeah Josh can carry it” (LOL). What she didn’t know is Josh and I had this planned so he could slip the ring in there without her seeing. I told her I wanted to do just a few pics of her and her baby girl and we will have Josh join in, in a minute. I explained to Tessa I want to try this super cute pose where you’re facing the opposite direction .. but first, let me get a pic of you and Had. As Josh grabbed the ring in my bag behind her he kept looking back making sure it was time, God love him. And it was surely time.

I then told Tessa this light is so beautiful keep facing me, I’m gonna get one of him coming to hug you guys so stay just the way you are.

Standing so patiently waiting for him to grab her, not knowing for a single second what was about to happen next. I said “you know what Tess this isn’t working it looks weird just go ahead and turn around”.

And then MAGIC happened.

(Please note her sweet babies reactions in sync with her own, to die for!)

And just like that their family grew a little more and they loved a lot harder.

Tess and Josh: I am so happy for you both. Do not let go of your love story. It is so sweet, just like you guys. You two have such a special place in my heart after this! Josh thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of something so amazing, I will cherish this day forever!

With all my love, Bailey.

Bailey Williams


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