Sister+First Born: Indescribable

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” Jeremiah 1:5

If you read the maternity blog I wrote on her you can only imagine the emotions I had when I stood next to her for 24 hours in and out of that hospital room. You know those once in a while moments in your life where everything around you just freezes? This is surely one that is and will forever be, indescribable. During that special moment was complete chaos and it only lasted minutes followed by the greatest feeling a person could handle.

My big sister asked me to be in the room to witness bringing her first child into the world. Holy cow. It is different being on the other end of the bed in this experience. She was with me when I delivered my son, holding my hand and standing in the corner the whole time and it was my turn to do the same. But mama had her hand and I got to coach at the side of the bed using my gift by remembering these moments. It’s when I realized you don’t truly know the amount strength God created in us. The way our bodies can carry life and deliver a child by enduring the most excruciating pain a human could feel. I was privileged enough to witness life unfold right before my eyes. You could say I am more than blessed, as I cried for days and days replaying her birth video. It was the most powerful experience I have ever felt, down to the core.

In the midst of this beautiful chaos there was a lot of yelling, some sweat, and a whole lot of “Come on Brookie, Come on Brookie, you got this Brookie”!! I kept thinking to myself, capable and strong. Capable and strong. She’s got this, all five feet and one inch of her has this. God solely designed us women down to the every detail for this very moment. We are stronger than we think. And that she was.

Through the whole thing, Justin said at least twenty times, “She’s my hero”. He could see she was hurting, struggling, trying to rip out of that hospital bed all to deliver the gift they created together. And you’re so right J, she is most definitely a hero. We all just wanted to help her so bad. Take away any pain, push for her. Anything, because once you have experienced this you know the limits her body is about to hit. She had been there since the earliest morning contracting for 36 long hours.

Hours that feel like years, that surprisingly enough quickly disappear as soon as that life hits your chest. She felt every kick, punch and hiccup within those forty weeks. But soon she was going to get to feel every touch, hear every cry and use everything she had to soon hold her baby. And within minutes their life was forever changed. Using every amount of her body our hero delivered all 7lbs 8oz.

As she pushed her final push, she had just enough strength to reach down and help pull Beckham out with her doctor. Grabbing her baby boy and never letting go from here on. Her fingers gently, with mighty strength wrapped around his beating chest. In that given moment, my heart has never hurt in such a good way in my entire life.

And just like that their family grew on step closer. The love they shared was unbreakable, and all of that pain was worth it. And it will time after time. It truly is a miracle.

Beckham Lee Williams.

You are forever loved by us all. (And you have some pretty amazing parents).

And to my sister,

Special thanks to our mama for taking this, if there was ever a time I would want to get in the picture, it would be a time like this.

I will always be proud of who you are. But I must say motherhood is your best look yet.You shine so bright since Beckham has entered the world, and fallen into the woman you were meant to be. I can’t wait for the memories our first born boys will share together. You are already an incredible mother and an amazing sister. God has blessed him with you as his mother, just as much as you think you are blessed with Beckham. You were so strong and I have never been more proud. I will love you for eternity including baby boy. You did it, mama. You did it.

With all that I am, I am nothing without you B.

Love, your little sister.

Bailey Williams


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