Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, overcoming and letting go.

Meet the face
behind the creations

I am Bailey Williams. But you can call me Bay.
I am currently in a transition season. Raising three boys, managing my husband's excavating company, and somehow balancing my own film company. You will find me happy, full of vulnerability, and extending grace at all costs. 
I'm a lover split into two personalities. 
One is fighting to live a simple life. 
While my babes run barefoot with an apple pie in the oven, waiting for friends to come and sit in my home as we fellowship together.
The other half of me is a go-getter. Dressed in black head to toe. 
On the hunt to transform my everyday life. Enjoying the more extraordinary things in life. So I struggle with balance every week. 
But I have learned that having two personalities is also a blessing. It creates a natural form of moderation in my everyday lifestyle. 
Living on our homestead as my house is full of four boys. A few of my favorite things are gardening, health + wellness, and rock T-shirts. 
I enjoy about eight cups of coffee a day and swiping my kids with essential oils when they're not looking. 
Let's be friends.